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I Fell In Love With New York

on June 11, 2002

Because Mondays apparently exist as a weekly test to see if I will indeed hang myself from the rafters of my office, every Monday I will reflect on a happy memory. This may be the only way I make it through Mondays, as I don’t see myself creating any very happy memories on Mondays in the near future.

New York was possibly one of the best experiences I have had in recent memory. I had waited for so long to go there. For two days I did whatever I wanted, and dragged my best friend along for all of it. Seeing as how my best friend is also my boyfriend, it was very good of him to humor me at the 5th Avenue Disney Store and Tiffany & Co.

I have yet to figure out how Geraldo Rivera was in Afghanistan, ducking gunfire at the same time he was at Serendipity enjoying a frozen hot chocolate at the table next to mine. I spent a couple of hours enjoying the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Guggenheim, as well as a brazilian art exhibit, and making fun of art connoisseurs who were looking at what appeared to be pieces of scrap metal welded together and wigs hanging from the wall. After I’d had my fill there, I dragged the guys to the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.

All I wanted to do there was see Van Gogh. The place was massive, and the maps weren’t helping me, as I kept confusing periods of art and wandering into the wrong hallways. By the time I found the Van Gogh works I’d lost my best friend somewhere in the building, and actually started crying because I wanted to do everything I could with him. Sometimes memories aren’t as wonderful without somebody who shares them with you.

Toys R Us in Times Square was amazing. There is a 4 story ferris wheel in the foyer and the carts are all done in different toy themes…Toy Story, Tonka, LEGOS, Barbie. The Barbie section of TRU was, in large part, housed in a large version of the Barbie Dreamhouse. There were LEGO displays scattered throughout the store that must have taken days upon days to construct and a giant T-Rex that guarded the Jurassic Park section. I feel like I’m 5 years old at times. What kind of an adult gets excited over this stuff?

I’m going to go back this fall. I need to go back to Tiffany & Co. to buy the silver heart tag necklace I left behind, eat at cheap pizzarias in the Village, and take a walk in Central Park. Two days in the city weren’t enough. It felt like home. I don’t want to forget a second of it until I can go back.


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